Iguana Jones Mystery in Greece: In Search of the Ancient Treasure


Product Details

Nothing’s better than a good book! What better way for your child to dive into Greek history while adding a little bit of mystery?

  • Follow explorer-professor Iguana Jones and his friends on their next adventure
  • 104 page chapter book with color illustrations
  • Written by: George Katselis; Illustrated by Yorgos Sgouros
  • For children 7 and up 

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About the Book

Explorer-professor Iguana Jones is a real person, more real than even the writer of this book. Along with his inseparable pet iguana, Montezuma, a group of four children and the Invisible R(eader), they undertake the most dangerous assignments. An amazing adventure awaits the secret group of friends in the most beautiful country in the world, Greece. Will they be able to track down the twelve black-hatted men and gather the letters of the secret word that will lead them to the treasure? The ruthless gang of antiquities’ smugglers KOU KOU TZA and Pink Panther think otherwise. The book includes The Corner of Knowledge, a section with valuable information about the culture, history and landmarks in Greece, as well as a map with the most important sites in the country.