My Greek Taverna Cookbook


Product Details

It’s a Feeling. It’s an Experience. It’s the Taste of Greece!

  • 164 colored pages
  • 65 recipes
  • soft cover

About the Authors

Ioanna Pavlaki was born in Athens; her family roots come from the island of Lesvos, where she spent all her summers. She is a successful marketing professional in the publishing industry. She loves sea, travelling and good food. She also has a passion for turning small ideas into reality, such as the successful cookbook series MY GREEK. Makis Georgiades was born in Athens, and grew up in a family with a long tradition in cooking as his grandfather was a renowned chef in Alexandria, Egypt. Makis has worked with some of the top chefs in Greece and his recipes are being published in cooking magazines. He has written several cookbooks and also runs a successful catering company.